Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Wedding Photography : Lorain County : Wedding Portrait

The email:  Hi, I saw you photograph weddings... Can you tell me your price 

Wedding Photography Lorain County DcKetcham Photography
Its not as easy as a price ... as How do you price something that has eternal meaning? 

The flowers will die ...

DcKetcham Photography Wedding Photography Lorain County

the cake will be eaten... 

the gifts opened and sometimes returned ... but what do you have left? 

Your wedding photos are more than just a price... They are truly an investment in yourself.... and the love of the two of you. 

Wedding Photography Lorain County DcKetcham Photography
Don't settle for less, or someone whos price might be cheaper ... as you will get what you pay for

Wedding Photography Lorain County  DcKetchamPhotography
Photographing weddings are my speciality ... Its not a numbers game... its a love game and I am into photographing weddings not for how many weddings I've shot .. but If there is love and for the love of photographing weddings. 

Are you interested me capturing your own wedding?  Contact me 

You can see more of my work on my website: http://www.DcKetchamPhotography.com
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or even instagram at 

contact me at dcketchamphotography@yahoo.com if you are even interested in your own session.

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