Monday, April 18, 2011

Teaser Shots Portrait Photography Lorain

I have kinda become known for my "teaser" shots that I post on my Facebook Page, but recently I did a boudoir session and it was removed.... Showing a lot less, or wearing more than a swimsuit.. but... I will continue to post "teaser" shots from session, but my boudoir clients might not be available to do those anymore.... Portraits in Lorain Portraits in Elyria Portraits in North Ridgeville Portraits in Amherst Family Portraits Boudoir Portraits Children Portraits Family Portraits Maternity Portraits

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Really Great Clients Portraits Lorain, Ohio

I have been really lucky to have some great clients... Recently I was able to photograph a family with a wonderful 3 year old.... it took a little to get her out of her shell, but once she got rolling in the session she was posing and smiling everywhere... Taking time during my portraits are what really separates me from the rest... especially the cookie cutters.... My sessions normally run at least an hour to more as, really you are more comfortable after a little bit.. Custom Lifestyle Portraits is what I call my line of work and these are custom... if you contact me through my email, I will first start by asking you questions about yourself and what you are looking for. Through working together your session will be even better. Trust me... Ive done the cookie cutters and its not for me, and it shouldnt be for you. You deserve better than that. In that afternoon, I was also able to work with a wonderful mother to be and her husband. We had taken plenty of time to talk about what she wanted, as well as what I was looking for out of her maternity session. We had such a blast and the images are awesome... I will post a few soon! I have really great clients.. and I hope that I can soon add more clients! Custom Lifestyle Portrait Photography in Lorain, Elyria, North Ridgeville, Amherst and all other surrounding areas. Maternity Photography, Senior Photography, Family Photography, Children Photography, Newborn Photography, Boudoir Photography,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What to Wear Portraits Lorain, Oh

What to Wear for Family Portraits Are you stressed out about what to wear for family portraits? If so, you aren't alone. One of the biggest challenges of any photo shoot is figuring out what to wear…. And if we have already discussed this, this is normally one of the first things I ask during our consultations. Family portraits are invaluable. They help preserve a moment in time and document the appearance of each family member. In addition, most family portraits are handed down from one generation to another, so it's vital that the photo depicts each member as accurately as possible. Given the value of family portraits, details such as the type of clothes worn by each subject should not be overlooked. The ideal family portrait should feature subjects that form a cohesive structure. You don't want to end up with a group shot that looks like a bunch of mismatched strangers got together for a photo shoot. To avoid taking a formal picture that you will be disappointed with, it's a good idea to consider tips on what to wear for family portraits and here are a few. TIPS FOR WHAT TO WEAR The goal of any group shot is to direct the viewer's attention to the subjects' faces. No one family member should stand out or distract from the other members of the clan. To accomplish this goal, it's important to focus on coordinating outfits. This doesn't mean everyone in the photo has to wear identical outfits. Rather, the idea is to make sure one family member doesn't show up wearing shorts and a tank top when the rest of the group is sporting khakis and long-sleeved button down shirts. Coordinate Color Color is critical when taking group shots. Avoid wearing bright colors. Instead, have family members wear clothing that features neutral tones, such as blues and browns. Darker colors, such as black or blue are okay sometimes, but not all of the time. Also, special attention comes to white and bright red… They are generally not recommended unless I am specifically doing something to coordinate a backdrop to complement them. Also, be careful not to mix light and dark tones together. Doing so creates visual confusion, as one subject appears to pop out of the photo while the other recedes. Simple Is Best With group shots, less is more. Clothing should be free of distractions or busy patterns, such as: Stripes, Polka dots, Plaids, Checks, Paisley, Graphic designs, Company logos .. actually its best to never have company logos… its not like they are paying you to wear their shirt? Minimal Jewelry Avoid wearing chunky or reflective jewelry that will distract from your face. Classic pieces such as pearl earrings or necklaces are fine. However, large gold pieces or massive gems that reflect light should be removed during the shoot. Also, if you own a large reflective watch or if you are prone to have a hair tie on your wrist, consider taking it off during your portrait session. These are just a few quick examples….. but… remember to be comfortable no matter what. We will work together to achieve the look that you want!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Isnt Work.... Portraits Lorain, Ohio

I catch myself saying "work with" ... but you know what... working with someone isnt really what I do... I love photography.. I love shooting people... with film... but; wait; Doesnt shoot people sounds worse? So... although I am working with a client.. Its not work to me... I love taking photographs and portraits. Lorain Ohio Portraits

Friday, April 1, 2011

Portraits Lorain Ohio

I create intimate, uncluttered portraiture and fine art photography in the greater Lorain County area.

If you’ve always wanted to have a great picture of yourself or your family to mark a milestone, then email or call me.

If you’ve always thought you were impossible to photograph in a flattering way, then email or call me.

If you’ve always wanted to feel beautiful but were a little embarrassed to admit it, then email or call me.

You’ll get a great picture of you that you will love to death or we’ll schedule another session. You’ll feel at ease and marvel at how I work with you to give you the best possible results.

Clients choose me for imaginative posing and strong composition.

They also rave about the lyrical, emotional quality of my portraits.

Don’t wait another day.

Email or call now for a wonderfully regenerating photography experience and expect to love the results.