Saturday, December 7, 2019

Do I share my photos? Boudoir photography

One of the other questions I get.. Is do I need to sign a release and show my boudoir images?  It's an assumption .. and assuming is not good.  That is not true!  
We are lucky enough that most of our clients allow us to share their pictures .. we have some that only allow body and no face ... and some are kept private. 
 It is entirely up to you whether or not you’d like to share your pictures or not.  We respect your privacy, but we will also cheer you on whether or not you share your images publicy, or not.

It’s your time to indulge in things you have maybe missed out on because your time was spend making sure your children had everything... but take some time.. Invest In yourself and be happy where you are. 


Your boudoir session should be all about YOU.  


Personal experience for each boudoir session.  

Let's tell your story of love in photography for your significant other ... Shot in the comfort of even your own home .... 

Everything is photographed at your comfort level

Boudoir photography is more for both, the woman taking them ... but also for the special person in your life. 
Sexy. Fun. Classy. Intimate. Boudoir. 
I have a link here on my website DcKetcham Photography but, as with every session, each of my boudoir sessions are tailored completely to the client. 
Check out some more of my work on my website DcKetcham Photography 
or even my facebook page at DcKetcham Photography

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