Monday, December 2, 2019

Doing this Now FULL TIME

ok, okay .. Life is fleeting and there are no excuses ... So... This . Now. is my full time career. For years I Have had this dream and now, this is it ..
This is the plan.
This is my photography.
This is your photography.
This is a plan to be a full time photographer and let go of fear and no longer be a slave to anyone .. especially to fear .. but to let God guide and be His.

Photography is my plan.
And in one year. I will have a studio outside of my home.,
In one year I will be resting more with my children and being a better husband.
In one year we will look back at this and clap as it happened. Living out a dream, now a plan is what life is gotta be about - and no longer being a slave to fear!

So. Here it is .. Lets make this happen!

So heres to the naysayers and corporate america ... EFF YOU!   and Your beauty standards... Let's make this happen!

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